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A Songstress. She is a witch from deep in the mountains of Cambodia.

With the magic words "Boo Boo Pee" her specialty is casting a spell of "Possibilities" on everyone. Apparently she can speak all sorts of languages…?


Born from Narith’s magic. A mysterious creature.

BooBoo’s friend.

A cute and dependable girl.


A mysterious creature born from Narith’s magic.

A boy that’s rowdy but full of curiosity.

He can be a little clumsy sometimes.

First in Cambodia!

An educational TV program in the country’s national language.

With "Equal education opportunity for the children of Cambodia!" as a slogan, we want to tackle the issues of 'lack of teachers and teaching material’ and "Lack of education in rural areas" with the support from local educational institutions, by utilizing Japan’s video production experience, we are working on creating Cambodia’s first national language educational TV program.

TOBIDASE Japan!: A grant program of the Ministry of Economy,

 Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan in 2015

For more information on this project please contact with the following

The popular dance segment "Chomreabsuor(Hello!)" choreograph  video is now available online!

There are all sorts of fun videos on the YouTube "BooBooPee!" channel!

Please come take a look!

TV broadcasts of the show in Cambodia

can be viewed real time in Japan as well!

Real time streaming of shows is available on "MEKONG TV", a streaming site approved by Cambodia ApsaraTV.

*Japanese subtitles are not available

*Broadcast start times can shift by about 30 minutes